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Introducing our new rewards program!


How do we do thank you at Pull-N-Save? We’ve learned that saying it isn’t as important as showing it!

Which is why we are giving you the Pull N Save Member Rewards™ program. Now you can save even more money while still getting the best parts, great value, and awesome service you deserve.

The Pull N Save Member Rewards™ program makes it easier than ever to earn points that turn into cash rewards that you can redeem on future purchases.

For every dollar1 you spend at any of our Pull-N-Save locations you will earn one point, and for every 100 points you earn you will receive a $2.50 reward. Plus, as your points accumulate so does your opportunity to earn even more.

Membership LevelAnnual PointsRewards Points PurchasedCash Rewards %
Member0 - 4991x Points2.50%
Silver501 - 2,4992x Points5%
Gold2,501 - 9,9993x Points7.50%
Platinum10,001 - 24,9994x Points10%
Ultimate VIP25,000 +5x Points12.50%

Signing up is easy, and, as a bonus, when you complete your profile you’ll receive 200 points as our way of saying welcome! Just sign up below or visit one of our locations and our associates will be happy to get you started.

We couldn’t be who we are today without you. And from the team at Pull-N-Save we want to not only say thank you but “show” thank you!

1Excludes purchases on gift cards, warranties, taxes, fees, and entrance cost.

Questions about our rewards program? Check out our FAQs

There are two easy ways to sign up! First is online through our website. Enter your email and you will brought to the enrollment form. The second way is in person at Pull-N-Save.

No, there is no cost! The more you shop, the more you save.

For every $1 spent, earn 1 point. Points are based on the pre-tax and post-discount total.

Earning points puts money back in your pocket. Every 100 points earned is $2.50 in rewards.

Yes! Points will expire 1 calendar year after earned.

Log in to your account online or on the bottom of the receipt of your latest purchase.

Points are redeemable at check out, once you reach your first reward.

Points are not earned when purchasing gift cards, tax or shipping costs.

Yes! The amount of points earned determines what level you are at. Member: 0 - 500 points Silver: 501 - 2,500 points Gold: 2,501 - 10,000 points Platinum: 10,001 - 25,000 points Ultimate VIP: 25,001 +




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